19 Sep 2020
Feelings of hopelessness and wanting a career change...

There have been days and nights; when the thought of work has made me feel physically sick. The passion which was innate during my training and initially as a first destination post nurse are merely distant memories. All I say now is .'... I need another job...' or '... a career change... what has happened to the job I once loved?...'... Carrying a caseload of 35 patients and not being able to support them with the respect and care they deserve. I think of the risks I have taken with patients care due to resources being taken away and yet management continues to challenge my mental state by saying '...can you take another patient on your caseload?...' I scream inside; hoping, wishing I could be far away from here. What has happened to the job I once loved. What is happening to me? Am I the only one who struggles daily, yet is able to put on a poker face daily to demonstrate my professionalism and manage my patients care.

If you are a career nurse and feel the same way as this, please share with others how you are coping with the job. Someone out there could be learning one thing or two. Also if you are a nurse struggling, please do well to leave comments below and we'll encourage others to respond with possible recommendations.