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Frontisti Services Limited is a bespoke healthcare company set up with the main aim of delivering exceptional services to people dealing with mental health. With the support from a multidisciplinary team (MDT) we offer individualised care to support person centered care reflective of our clients needs and risks incorporating the views of carers and relatives.

Our team is made up of empathetic, kind and genuine people who always prioritise their service user’s needs. The Management team is comprised of health professionals who have got a combined experience of over 25 years working in different sectors and departments of the health care industry. We pride ourselves as an organisation that recognises the individual uniqueness of Clients, staff and visitors, and treat them with dignity and respect at all times.

We fully understand that activities of any organisation dealing with those recovering from severe and enduring mental health issues which constitute person centered care within their recovery pathway are represented by the factors described by the mental health foundation.

Our Team

Frontisti Services management and staff have got years of experience working across various care settings such as supported housing, residential care, domiciliary care and hospital settings. Overall, Frontisti Services team has the capability and past experience of providing management in health and social care settings.

The Manager, having been a Care Co-ordinator in the NHS for over ten years had the responsibility to identify appropriate placements for service users. Aside, carrying out the application process, going to panel, identifying and securing funding, she conducted placement reviews to ensure the setting was right and able to offer ongoing support for service users in achieving stated outcomes. Furthermore, the manager is conversant with housing management issues hence she has the experience of securing for service users the right "housing benefits" and "personal benefits" or allowances to ensure their accommodation/ rents and day to day expenditures respectively were well budgeted for and received in a timely fashion. This undoubtedly alleviated the burden of rent arrears and debts, hence, ensuring independence and fulfilment.

The staff team are well versed in supporting service users by conducting and putting in place needs assessments, risk assessments and risk management as well as support plans which are tailored to individual service users. Furthermore, they are fully aware of Health and Safety Act 1974 safeguarding of adults at risk, mental capacity act 2005 amended 2014 which gave rise to deprivation of liberty safeguards(DOLs) now known as Liberty protection safeguards (LPS) as a result, they have conducted health and safety audits / environmental checks, not only to ensure legislation compliance but also to ensure the well being of clients and all stakeholders.

Frontisti Services Staff have worked in Residential Care Settings (accommodation based) for clients suffering or recovering from various mental illnesses over 15years. Additionally, some staff have worked with the elderly, physically disabled and those with learning difficulties.

One of the management team has been a registered care manager for mental health services as principal client group under various regulatory bodies ranging from the 1984 Registered Homes Act, CSCI to CQC for over 24years. He has had the responsibility for the day to day management of care homes and in so doing he has been compliant with the Care Standards Act 2008/ 2014 and subsequent amendments.

All our staffs have worked and are currently working in accordance with the Key Lines of Enquiries as well as essential standards of care and all allied care legislations. In a nutshell, Frontisti Services Staff will ensure the services we provide are safe, responsive, effective, caring and well-led.


To inspire and give hope to people affected by Mental Health.


Our mission is to become the number one choice when it comes to Mental health care in the community; providing excellent care services in our clients homes; Initially in the London Boroughs and eventually expanding to be amongst the top health care service providers in England within the next 5 years.


As a forward looking company, we are always looking to grow our client base and this means we would also be looking to attract experienced health practitioners to work with us. Our corporate entrepreneurial culture is one that encourages talents and guarantees a workplace that is fun as well as exciting. We look forward to hearing from interested applicants - email: admin@frontistiservices.org with your CV and cover letter showing your area of interest. We will keep your details and send you updates on available vacancies.

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If you have any questions or would like more information about our services or make a referral, please feel free to drop me a line. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.